Le Geotop - Quoi de neuf au Geotop? What's up at Geotop?

Quoi de neuf au Geotop? What's up at Geotop?

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Dr. Daniele L. Pinti (Geotop-UQAM)

Hot water traced by cool gases

Mardi 21 mars 2017 à 16h00/ Tuesday, March 21, 2017, 4:00pm

McGill U., Dep. of Earth and Planetary Science, 3450 rue Université, room FDA 232

Résumé / Abstract :

Noble gases, also called rare gases, have the right characteristics to be excellent tracers of most of geological process: they are “rare” and chemically “inert”, i.e. noble. Measuring extinct xenon radionuclides in the rocks from Nuvvuagittuq for determining how ancient they are, or tracing the flow and determining the age of the Eska® or Badoit® water are among the mot recent results of the GRAM (Gaz Rares à Montréal) laboratory at Geotop.

Here I will present fieldtrip photos, laboratory schematics and scientific plots explaining how noble gases can be used to understand the origin and flow of hot water (up to 400˚C) in geothermal fields of Mexico and Argentina, and how we can estimate the lifetime of these reservoirs where steam is extracted to give electricity to regions as large as the Baja California.