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Quoi de neuf au Geotop? What's up at Geotop?

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Dr. Étienne Boucher (Geotop-UQAM)

Boreal Trees Tell of the Past

Mardi 23 mai 2017 à 16h00/ Tuesday, May 23, 2017, 4:00pm

McGill U., Dep. of Earth and Planetary Science, 3450 rue Université, room FDA 232

Résumé / Abstract :

Boreal trees are among the world’s most tolerant living organisms. Stationary and ubiquitous, they can survive the harshest climatic conditions, while persistently producing annually-resolved growth rings. Physical properties of these tree rings (width, density, stable isotope ratios) can be used to reconstruct past hydro-climatic conditions. Over the last decades, tree ring series produced from boreal trees have shed new light on the patterns and mechanisms of hydro-climate variability in high latitude environments. Most notably, they contributed to the disentanglement of internallygenerated versus externally-forced mechanisms of decadal hydro-climate variability. Here, we highlight the most striking discoveries made from multi-century-long tree ring series from high latitude regions of Eastern Canada and identify original research opportunities to be integrated within the Geotop’s new scientific program.