Ph.D. position in snow hydrology at ÉTS

Geotop, Hydrology, Climate and Climate change laboratory, École de technologie supérieure, Montréal, Quebec

Supervisor : M. Baraer, ETS
Cosupervisors: C. Kinnard, UQTR and A. Roy, UQTR

Overall objective:

The proposed project aims to assess the spatiotemporal variability of snow-cover and ground frost in southern Quebec and to evaluate its impact on infiltration.

Specific objectives:

  1. Characterizing ground frost and snow cover evolutions in time, their interconnections, and their influence on infiltration at the BVE Ste-Marthe meteorological stations.
  2. Generating snow cover and ground frost map at limited scale (100th of square meters) by combining single spot measurements, Drone-based GPR surveys and records from distributed temperatures sensors.
  3. Assessing cold region numerical models’ performances (existing and/or modified modules) in reproducing deliverable from objectives 1 and 2.

Starting date: 

January 2022


  1. MSc in a relevant field, experience in cold region hydrology or equivalent expected
  2. Motivation to do field work in a cold environment.
  3. Proven abilities in research (publication or equivalent).
  4. Proficient in French or English

Please contact Michel Baraer: michel.baraer [at] ( )for further details