Dre Kathy Cashman - From crystals to magmatic systems: new views are changing old paradigms


Dre Kathy Cashman (U. Bristol)

Mardi 26 mars 2019 à midi - Tuesday, March 26, 2019 at noon

Redpath Auditorium, 859 rue Sherbrooke Ouest, Université McGill

Résumé / Abstract:

Views of magmatic systems are undergoing a paradigm shift. After a century of focus on the magma chamber, the community focus has expanded to examine the entire trans-crustal subvolcanic system. In this talk I will review drivers for this paradigm shift and explore some implications for volcanic eruptions, include eruption triggers, magnitude and frequency. More broadly, I will talk about how science works, and how individual discoveries work together to drive community-wide progress.

Kathy Cashman is a Professor at University of Bristol. She is a volcanologist who studies volcanic systems from the magma reservoir to the Earth’s surface using the combined tools of field observations and measurements, sample analysis for chemical and physical characteristics, laboratory experiments and theoretical models. The most distinctive aspect of her work is her use of quantitative analysis of all constituent phases of volcanic samples (glass, crystals and vesicles) to quantify the kinetics of phase transformations and relate these to temporal changes in the physical properties of volcanic materials. Examples of this work include the role of degassing-induced crystallisation on transitions in the styles of volcanic eruptions, relations between magma decompression, bubble formation and conditions of magma fragmentation, and the influence of crystallisation on the emplacement of lava flows. Her work has had significant impacts in the fields of igneous petrology, physical volcanology, and magmatic processes, and has stimulated new areas of research in experimental petrology and volcano studies

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From crystals to magmatic systems: new views are changing old paradigms