Continental paleoecology laboratory

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201 Président-Kennedy Ave.
Rooms PK-7260 and PK-7270 (preparation labs), 
et PK-7275 (microscope lab) 
Montréal, QC
H2X 3Y7

The Continental Paleoecology Laboratory was founded in 2006 by Professor Michelle Garneau. The laboratory serves a diverse clientele in the university, government, parapublic and private sectors, in the fields of geography, environment, geology, biology, archaeology, etc. The laboratory's mission is to i) train undergraduate and graduate students, ii) participate in cutting-edge research and iii) serve external clients.

Analyses carried out in the laboratory incluce theecamoebians, pollen, plant and animal macroremains, and organic matter content of different types of organic and inorganic sediments from peat bogs, coastal marshes, lakes, archaeological soils, etc. Expertise and equipment also include greenhouse gas (CO2 and CH4) measurements in the field and CH4 of air and water samples using a gas chromatograph.

The laboratory's current projects are associated with paleoecology, the carbon cycle and current surface dynamics of peatland greenhouse gases, palaeobiogeography of continental natural ecosystems, palaeoclimatology, biogeochemistry of organic sediments, paleohydrology, etc.

For any information on submitting samples, please contact Dr. Michelle Garneau by email at garneau.michelle [at] or by phone at (514) 987-3000 ext. 1933. 

  • Laboratory equipment
  • Field equipment
  • Sampling equipment
  • GHG measuring instruments

DECLIQUE - Chair on the Dynamics of Peatland Ecosystems and Climate Change