Geotop's EDI vision

Geotop is committed to creating, maintaining, and promoting a research environment that embodies the fundamental principles of equity, diversity, and inclusion for all its members and guests, where everyone feels welcome, valued and respected, regardless of background, identity, orientation, gender, religion or ability. Geotop firmly believes that a diverse and inclusive community enhances scientific productivity and innovation, and promotes group cohesion and dynamism.

In order to eliminate barriers to full participation and to promote equal opportunities for learning, professional development and contribution within our group, Geotop has put in place policies and practices that can be grouped into three areas:

  • Awareness and education: Geotop recognizes the crucial importance of awareness and education in fostering a culture of mutual respect, diversity of ideas and collaboration;
  • Action: following a survey conducted by an external firm specializing in EDI, Geotop has created an action plan to address EDI issues specific to our group;
  • Reflection: EDI concerns are constantly evolving. The EDI Committee is responsible for reviewing policies and actions, and providing recommendations to management and the Executive Committee.