Project and job offers

Assistant professor position associated to a 5-year research chair on carbon dynamics in wetlands

UQAM is looking for qualified candidates to renew its faculty and ensure quality development in all its areas of activity. The Department of Biological Sciences is seeking to fill a non-tenure track assistant professor position in wetland carbon dynamics and ecology associated with a research chair that is funded for five years. The University is committed to extending the position beyond the five-year time frame into a permanent faculty appointment in the Department of Biological Sciences.

2 projets de doctorat : Securing Water Resources for Pacific Communities (UQAM and U. Laval)

While Pacific Island Countries contribute little to global greenhouse gas emissions, they are among the most vulnerable to climate change. The increasing intensity and frequency of tropical cyclones, droughts and floods, as well as slow-onset disasters such as sea level rise, coastal erosion and saltwater intrusion, are drastically affecting their access to freshwater, which is already a critical challenge.

PhD on the Development of the Network Development and Persistence Index (IDPR)

The current project presented to the Drinking Water, Groundwater, and Surface Water Directorate (DEPESS) of the MELCCFP focuses on the link between geomorphology and the hydrological properties of the substratum. The organization of the hydrographic network primarily depends on the hydrological and hydrogeological properties of geological formations. Thus, in a given climatic context, drainage density is a strong indicator of the properties of the geological formations that constitute the basin.