The functioning of Geotop is based on different committees, whose respective mandates allow the center to meet the scientific and administrative needs of the group.

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee helps prepare the budget. It approves new collaborator applications and provides advice on the day-to-day management of the center. The members of this committee are :

Student Committe

The student committee is composed of student representatives from different branches of Geotop. It organizes activities to animate the group, including the annual Geotop conference, and forwards students' requests and concerns to the Geotop management and executive committee. It is composed of:

Scholarship Committee

Geotop offers scholarships for undergraduate and graduate students. The committee's role is to set the evaluation criteria and to evaluate student applications. It is composed of three members:

Scientific Committee

The Scientific Committee's mandate is to: 
a) receive and analyze proposals for Geotop collaborative projects and funding applications for research instruments,
b) propose scientific animation activities.

It is composed of :

Steering Committee

The role of the Steering Committee is to critically review current activities and medium-term programming. It makes informed recommendations to help Geotop achieve its research and training objectives in an internationally competitive context. It is composed of members external to Geotop.

Researcher's Assembly

The Researchers' Assembly is responsible for the research strategic plan and major developments of the center. It approves the composition of the executive committee, the budget, and the membership of new members. All Geotop regular members are part of this committee.