Sedimentary paleomagnetism and marine geology laboratory

Scientific director: Guillaume St-Onge 

Laboratory manager: Quentin Beauvais

Contact: guillaume_st-onge [at] (guillaume_st-onge[at]uqar[dot]qc[dot]ca)
Ph.: 418-723-1986, poste 1768


310 Allée des Ursulines
Rimouski, QC
G5L 8X3

The research carried out at the ISMER Sedimentary Paleomagnetism Laboratory focuses on the measurement of the various magnetic properties of sedimentary cores. These properties are used to reconstruct variations in the Earth's magnetic field, establish high-resolution sedimentary stratigraphy, and develop tracers for natural hazards and climate change over time. The cornerstone of the laboratory is a cryogenic magnetometer for U-channels. The magnetometer measures magnetic susceptibility parameters, NRM, ARM, MRI and SIRM. The laboratory is also equipped with an alternating gradient magnetometer to determine the mineralogy and magnetic particle size, a multi-sensor analyzer to determine the physical properties of drill cores, a spectrophotometer for the quantification of sediment color and a SmartCIS scanner for digital photography. The laboratory is also equipped for sampling sedimentary cores and for conducting geophysical surveys both at sea and in lakes. Granulometric analyses can be carried out in the particle laboratory.

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