Hydrogeology laboratory (UQAM)

Contact : larocque.marie [at] uqam.ca (larocque[dot]marie[at]uqam[dot]ca)
Ph.: 514-987-3000 ext. 1515

Lab manager:  Jonathan Chabot-Grégoire (chabot-gregoire.jonathan [at] uqam.ca (chabot-gregoire[dot]jonathan[at]uqam[dot]ca), 514-987-3000 ext. 0252)


201 Avenue Président-Kennedy, 5th floor 
Montréal, QC
H2X 3Y7

The hydrogeology laboratory is dedicated to measuring the hydraulic properties of geological materials and monitoring hydrological (water levels), geochemical (physico-chemical properties of water) and meteorological (precipitation and temperatures) variables, in the field and in the laboratory.

Some instruments are dedicated to the laboratory and others can be deployed in the field, depending on ongoing research projects. For more information about the different devices, contact the laboratory manager.

Water level and temperature measurement 

  • Five manual probes (Solinst and Heron) for water level measurement in wells in the depth range 20-60 m.
  • Several uncompensated automatic water level and temperature recording probes (Solinst and HOBO).


Flow measurement in the field

  • Swoffer 1200 propeller velocimeter, for streams less than 1 m deep.
  • Hach FH950 electromagnetic velocimeter, for water depths less than 1 m.
  • Small boat with StreamPro ADCP Doppler measurement for watercourses deeper than 0.5 m and less than 5 m, equipped with a larger boat to ensure the stability of the device. 


Measurement of the physico-chemical parameters of the water

  • Two Hanna probes (pH, electrical conductivity, ORP, dissolved oxygen) with 3 and 20 m cable.
  • Two WTW probes (pH, electrical conductivity, ORP, dissolved oxygen) with 1 m cable.
  • Four cells for continuous measurement of physico-chemical parameters of the water during sampling.


Measurement of meteorological variables

  • Five rain gauges (HOBO) with a resolution of 0.2 mm.
  • Numerous probes for automatic recording of water or air temperature (HOBO-Pendant).


Submersible pumps

  • Redi-Flo2 pump : diameter 50 mm, variable flow rate (100 mL/min to 30 L/min), 30 m cable, runs on 2000 W - 120 V generator.
  • Mini Monsoon pump: diameter 50 mm, flow rate 8 L/min, 20 m cable, runs on a 12 V battery.
  • Tripod to support a pump in the well.



  • 5000 W gasoline generator - 120/220V, 30 amps, Surge Master model with Honda engine.


In situ measurement of the hydraulic conductivity of the surface layers

  • Two Guelph permeameters with all field equipment.
  • Variable load hydraulic testing devices ("slug test").
  • Variable load hydraulic testing systems by insertion of a weighted casing, for different well diameters, and by pressure, for 50 and 150 mm wells.


Drilling and sampling of geological materials

  • Different sizes of augers for soil sampling in unsaturated or saturated environments.
  • Split spoon for peat sampling.
  • Undisturbed soil sampler for a maximum depth of 50 cm.
  • Shaw Backpack Drill 41 mm capable of drilling rock or loose material to a depth of 4 m.


Laboratory measurement of stress-saturation curves

A device to evaluate the tension-saturation curve of a soil from SoilMoisture is available in the hydrogeology laboratory. The first system consists of two high precision pressure gauges with a resolution of 0.1 Bar in the range 0-5 Bar. The second system has a resolution of 0.2 Bar in the 5-15 Bar range. Up to 20 samples can be tested at a time in each system.


Laboratory model for groundwater flow simulation

A 2 m long, 1.5 m wide and 50 cm thick model to represent groundwater flow, pumping and transport in porous media (sand) as well as precipitation (sprinkler system).