Ecomorphology and paleoanthropoly laboratory

Contact : a.burke [at] (a[dot]burke[at]umontreal[dot]ca)
Tél. : 514-343-6574

Technicien : ji.hyun.yi [at] (Dr. Daniel Yi)
Tél: 514-343-6111, poste 26901


Département d’anthropologie
Université de Montréal
Pavillon Lionel-Groulx
3150, rue Jean-Brillant, local C-3010
Montréal (Québec)

This laboratory is for ecomorpholocal analyses. Ecomorphology explores the complex link between species morphology,its ecological, social and genetical context, and its development model and mobility. The laboratory allow us to explore the links between ecology (eg: the degree of mobility, nutrition) and bone and tooth morphology, and the study of the relationship between bone morphology and ecology through a comparative approach to terrestrial vertebrates (Dr. Burke), primates and hominids fossils (Dr. Drapeau) and humans (Dr. Ribot).

We offer training and use of the following devices: Macroscope Olympus DSX-100 (making three-dimensional image; osteometry); Olympus microscope BX043 TurboScan (read histological slides at high resolution); pQCT scanner (quantification of bone density, three-dimensional high-definition images); Radiography system (X-ray); Three-dimensional scanners (NextEngine). Eventually will be also offer the possibility of making thin sections of mineralized tissues

InstrumentDescriptionInternal rate (Anthrop. Dep.) per hour + assistance if requiredExternal rate (academci) per hour + assistance if requiredExternal rate (non academic) per hour + assistance if required
Olympus DSX-100 microscope

Widefield microscope for making observations with variable angles

  • Optical zoom 58x
  • Z-stacks
  • X-Y stitching
  • LED lighting
  • Maximum resolution 12MPx
 20$ + 30$ 40$ + 40$ 80$ + 50$

Olympus BX-43 microscope

Microscope for slide observation

  • Lenses 4x à 60x
  • Motorized stage
  • Z-stacks
  • LED lighting
 30$ + 30$ 50$ + 40$ 90$ + 50$

Tomodensitometer Stratec XCT Research SA+Bone density analysis 50$ + 30$ 90$ + 50$ 100$ + 70$

Vidisco Flat flashXProPortable digital radiography system 50$ + 30$ 90$ + 50$ 100$ + 70$


Buehler Petro thin

Buehler Isomet 100

Buehler Ecomet 250 single grinder-polisher

Instruments for thin section preparation 30$ + 30$ 50$ + 40$ 80$ + 60$


Minimum fee: 60$

The rate/hour without assistance is only available to users who have completed a three-hour training course with technical assistance.