Geostats course

Geotop will offer a course in Geostatistics and Data Analysis in the winter 2024 term. This course will be taught by Vincent van Hinsberg and is open to all Geotop members, targeting in particular MSc and PhD students, and postdocs. It will be taught in hybrid format with in-person lectures streamed on Teams, and can be taken for credit by registering for the McGill course EPSC 552 (3 credits). Students not at McGill can register through the Quebec inter-university credit transfer system. The course will be taught in English. 

This course provides a broad overview of the most commonly used statistical methods in the geosciences, from elementary data descriptors to multivariate methods of clustering and PCA, and the basics of machine learning. Lectures on statistical methods are complemented with exercises applying these to real datasets. There are no course pre-requisites and no prior knowledge of (geo)statistics is needed, but participants are expected to be well-versed in a spreadsheet program for data manipulation such as Calc or Excel, and ideally have data they would like to apply statistical methods to. 

The course will be either taught as a condensed short-course or as a regular course spread out over the semester - to be decided by the participants in late December. 

For more details on the course, please see the course website for the 2022 version at

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