Regular members

Membership applications should be sent to the Geotop coordinator at solignac.sandrine [at] (solignac[dot]sandrine[at]uqam[dot]ca) 

Geotop’s regular members are university professors (full or associate) or government researchers based in Quebec, who carry out collaborative research activities within the group. Regular members must apply to renew their membership every 6 years.

To be a regular member, the following criteria must be met:

  • Be a university professor (tenured or associate) or government researcher, and hold a doctoral degree;
  • Conduct part of their projects in one of the group's priority research areas, in collaboration with other regular members;
  • Hold or have held one or more research grants from NSERC, FRQNT and/or a similar organization over the past 4 years (applies to full professors only).
  • Be involved, on a rotating basis, in the group's community services (committees, seminars, etc.) and participate in its activities (researchers' assembly, students' conference, etc.).
  • Have been a collaborating member of Geotop for a minimum period of 6 months, during which concrete collaborative links with several regular members have been demonstrated.

To apply for regular membership, the applicant must provide the Executive Committee with the following documents:

  • A cover letter;
  • An up-to-date CV (Canadian common CV or other) showing funding, HQP training, publications and Geotop collaborations;
  • A letter of support from a Geotop regular member detailing how the researcher's membership will benefit the group.

Non-academic researchers, lecturers and research professionals who wish to be appointed as regular members of the group must at the same time apply to become associate professors at Geotop or at a department/institute of a Geotop partner university. This will enable them to supervise or co-supervise students and conduct research that is recognized within the group and its member institutions.

Associate Professor status (or equivalent status at other institutions) can be applied for at Geotop, or at a department/institute of a Geotop partner university. At Geotop, the same supporting documents will be used to apply for associate professor status as for regular member status. For applications to a department or institute, the rules and regulations of that department or institute apply. In their letter of application for associate membership, candidates must specify whether they are applying for associate professor status at Geotop or at another department/institute. In the latter case, he/she must provide proof of having obtained this status.