Organic geochemistry environmental laboratory

Scientific director: Yves Gélinas

Contact : yves.gelinas [at] (yves[dot]gelinas[at]concordia[dot]ca)  
Ph. :  514-848-2424, ext. 3337 or 7972 


Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry 
Concordia University 
7141 Sherbrooke W. Street 
Montréal, QC
H4B 1R6

The central theme of his current research focuses on organic matter in all natural environments. Organic matter is a fundamental constituent of the biosphere and the most important chemical source of reducing power that fuels all biogeochemical processes on Earth. We are trying to understand the factors that control the formation, composition, and preservation of organic matter, which is central to comprehending the global geochemical cycles of life forming elements, the generation of atmospheric O2 and fossil fuels, and to elucidating the history of life on Earth.

Our laboratory is equipped with gas chromatographs coupled to mass spectrometers to allow molecular identification (GC-MS) as well as the stable and radio-isotope analysis of specific organic biomarkers (GC-IRMS and gas phase fraction collector). An elemental analyzer and a combustion-type dissolved organic carbon analyzer are also coupled to a stable isotope ration monitoring MS for the analysis of bulk samples in the liquid (δ13C) or solid (δ13C, δ15N, and δD) phases (EA-IRMS and DOC-IRMS). Two other GCs are fitted with flame ionization detectors (GC-FID) for the quantification of organic biomarkers. Finally, an accelerated solvent extractor (ASE) allows the rapid and reproducible extraction of lipidic biomarkers from sediment and soil samples.