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Fee schedule for laser granulometer analyses

performed by:
Rate A2Rate B3
Nbr samples <50Nbr samples >50Nbr samples <50Nbr samples >50
From UQAM's 
Dep. of 
Earth Sciences
Student projectAutonomous110$/sample9$/sample11$/sample8$/sample
Any other projetTechnician13$/sample12$/sample16$/sample13$/sample
Otherto be determined on a case-by-case basis
From UQAM, 
no link 
to the Dep. 
of Earth Sc.
Any projectAutonomous113$/sample12$/sample.16$/sample413$/sample4
For everyoneTraining 50$
Other universityTechnician60$/sample455$/sample485$/sample4,570$/sample4,5
Private firmsTechnician70$/sample465$/sample490$/sample4,580$/sample4,5

(1) "Autonomous" analyses involve training and supervision of procedures for a minimum of 2 hours (or more if necessary). A minimum additional cost corresponding to the hourly salary of a graduate student is to be expected. 
(2) Standard samples, for particle size fraction < 3000 um, in solution with deflocculant (e. g. Calgon) or dry powder (pounded) and from which the organic matter has previously been removed. 
(3) Rate applicable for samples that cannot be analysed under the conditions mentioned in (1) and whose composition and/or condition require additional pre-treatments or treatments. 
(4) The rate can change depending on the type and time of pre-processing. 
(5) Rates are subject to federal and provincial taxes.

Please note that rates are subject to change without notice.